Practical WHS Incident Investigation


Did you know that many safety incident investigations are not conducted thoroughly enough to identify root causes? Meaning controls that are put in place are most often ineffective.

Incident investigation is a key component to anyone who works in safety or any business. The great thing about having the skills to conduct effective incident investigations is that you can apply these skills to any industry and any business concern, not only safety.

This half day workshop very practical, interactive and caters for those who have never conducted incident investigations and those who wish to further develop their skills. Even if you have safety qualification you can benefit from this workshop.


Safety Managers/Coordinators, Health and Safety Representatives, Managers and Supervisors, Human Resources, Business owners, those who have completed a safety qualification, anyone who conducts incident investigations for their organisation.


All attendees will received a Dowell Solutions participation certificate.


4 hours (Half a day)


Face to face or online webinar


  • Respond initially to an incident
  • Effectively collect evidence and information including effective interviewing techniques
  • Identify losses and contact
  • Determine immediate causes, basic causes and management deficiencies
  • Develop remedial actions
  • Report on findings


Review your own Incident Investigation procedures and forms as part of the training.