Coaching Testimonials

A word from our clients…

I have not experienced personal break-through on this level before….

Through using Time Line Therapy™ Kylie has helped me overcome past hurts that were holding me back. Giving me a greater sense of confidence and ability to achieve better outcomes in both my personal goals and improved sales in my current career. And overall just having a greatly improved feeling of overall happiness in my life, that I felt hasn’t been there for a long time. Thank you so much, Kylie

David McGregor, Townsville QLD

I’ve come out of a whole new person….

I saw Kylie just before Easter for weight loss and I’ve lost just over seven kilos in a month. I didn’t realize how much crap I was dealing with and not just my weight, but how I felt about myself. I was having issues with self-loathing, physical, mental, and emotional issues and there were all types of baggage that I took into relationships, I had issues with work and I was having issues with the business I was trying to run.

If it wasn’t for Kylie working with me, I’d still be a mess today. The funny thing is until my mind was clear, I didn’t even realise how much of a mess I was. You don’t realize how good life is until that’s clear from you. My headspace is amazing.

I went there to lose weight, but I’ve come out of a whole new person. I’m Phil 2.0 because Kylie worked with me. And because of the tools, she’s given me to help create a better life for myself. I can’t honestly recommend her highly enough. I’m now halfway to my goal weight and I’m looking at my other goals in my life. I have no limiting beliefs on what I can do or achieve.

It’s worked for me, it’s working for me, and it’s changed my life. I’m telling you right now, if you have any of these types of issues or if there’s anything you want to clear from your life or you want to fix, go see Kylie Dowell because she will help you 110%.

Philip George, Brisbane Qld 

Kylie is an NLP Coach extraordinaire…

Kylie is an NLP Coach extraordinaire. I found Kylie to be easy to work with and easy to communicate with and discuss concerns or obstacles I had in my life. Agreed on a Break Through Session. So we went through the process and I can honestly say what experience and awakening of previous blockages that were holding me back. Feeling more aware, more positive, more focussed on what I want for myself and my business and moving forward with more confidence.

I would highly recommend Kylie for a BreakThrough a session or for a consultation. Keep up the amazing work Kylie.

Spiro Skiadopoulos, Third Garden Pty Ltd, Melbourne Victoria

Amazing set of skills Kylie – thank you so much, greatly appreciated…

Kylie has worked with me on a variety of personal development and health issues. Kylie has an amazing bag of tricks! She has assisted me with relaxation techniques, improving my communication skills with myself and others and she has also worked with me to improve my health and wellbeing!

Amazing set of skills Kylie – thank you so much, greatly appreciated! I strongly recommend Kylie to anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellbeing or personal performance.

Richard Ager, Heidelberg Melbourne, Victoria

I have had a phenomenal result…

Several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have the lovely Kylie work with me, to help me retain the training information I had learnt on a course I was doing; Kylie used a hypnosis technique with me and I must say, I have had a phenomenal result, where I have been easily and effortlessly recalled all I had learnt in the course.

Jarrid Turner, South Australia

My career has already benefited tremendously from Kylie’s work…

I was displaying some destructive behaviours and thoughts which have been all but eliminated and, for the first time in many years, I fell back in control of my life. I have started to look forward to the future again and my career has already benefited tremendously from Kylie’s work. The key, I believe, is that she has an innate understanding of the issues facing her clients, together with what is clearly a strong understanding of limiting beliefs, Kylie was exceptional and so very helpful in this area.

Thank you, Kylie, as you have changed the way I think and feel about myself and others.

Stacey Anne, Hand To Life Therapy, Morphett Vale Adelaide, South Australia