Human Resource Workshops

Explore Empowering HR Workshops at Dowell Solutions

At Dowell Solutions, we’re not just about accredited courses; we also offer engaging, non-accredited Human Resources workshops. We recognise that organisations crave training sessions that are not only informative but also interactive, ensuring quality education every step of the way. Our most popular workshops include:

  1. Conducting Workplace Performance Assessments: Unlock the secrets to assessing and improving workplace performance effectively.

  2. Correcting Poor Behaviour and Enhancing Performance: Learn strategies to address behavioral issues and elevate employee performance.

  3. Navigating Tough Conversations with Ease: Master the art of handling difficult discussions while maintaining professionalism.

  4. Crafting Effective and Measurable KPIs and Goals: Develop the skills to create goals that drive results and can be measured accurately.

  5. Bullying vs. Motivation: Know the Difference: Understand the fine line between motivating your team and harmful workplace behavior.

  6. Enhancing Workplace Culture: Discover methods to foster a positive and inclusive workplace environment.

These workshops are highly customisable to meet your organisation’s unique needs. With flexible durations ranging from 2 hours to three days, we ensure that our workshops fit seamlessly into your schedule.

If you haven’t found a workshop that aligns perfectly with your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Dowell Solutions today, and let’s discuss how we can tailor our expertise to address your specific requirements in Human Resources or training.

Your success is our priority.

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