New Learning Management System for Online Students

We are pleased to announce that we have a new Learning Management System (LMS) for our students who study with us via correspondence online.

Students currently studying with us online will be transferred to the new system once they finish their current unit. Don’t worry; there is no extra cost and no additional units for anyone who is already enrolled. With all new students will be enrolled directly to the new LMS.

The new online LMS has some excellent resource and system benefits for students. It has higher quality images, easier to read layout with student-centric terminology and the ability to check your understanding via quizzes at the end of each topic. Plus knowledge questions are directly related to performance criteria, and repetition has been reduced, meaning less work for students.

Online students can now:

  • Record video observations directly inside the system.
  • Find terms inside the learning resources by using a “search function.”
  • Students can now automatically return to where they left off or can bookmark pages themselves and add their notes.
  • Upload any number of files to any answer fields, including via drag-drop.

Additionally, the new LMS system has clean, intuitive screen designs and the improved navigation helps focus on the things that matter. Plus the system has support for mobile devices (a significant improvement from the last system).

If you have ever thought about studying online with Dowell Solutions, with the new LMS system and student payment plans that Dowell Solutions offer, now is the time to kick your study off!

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